Lighting and AV

Lighting and audio visual effects to enhance your event

Visual stimulation is a very powerful tool to add magic to your event, we supply anything from basic stage lighting, audio visual effects, LED and lasers, to full scale lighting shows.

Architectural Lighting

Highlighting natural features and creating visual statements through projections or clever lighting selection & placement. This is all about the enhancement of a building or space through the art of creative lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Imaginative lighting is essential to any outdoor event, be it a festival, corporate or private party. We can help add the finishing touches to any venue, be it beautiful buildings, gardens, walkways or trees.

Theatre Lighting

Dance, opera, panto and other performance arts require quality lighting. There are several different types of stage lighting that apply to theatre production and we can assist you in your requirements.

Awards Ceremonies

We provide lighting and audio visual event services for all different types of award ceremonies. These are key elements to consider when planning your event and we can help you every step of the way.

Private Parties

An essential ingredient for any successful party is atmosphere and ambience. Lighting can instantly enhance this, you could even add in dramatic statements for maximum impact if you wanted.

Nightclubs and Raves

Lighting continues to be one of the most effective ways of producing a great rave or club night. Moving heads, lasers, strobes and LED installations all play their part in creating the right vibe for these events.

Academic Settings

This is where a lot of people experience production for the first time, so whether you need additional lights to your existing set up, a single flood light, a followspot, a few lights or a full lighting rig, we can help

Fashion Shows

With fashion shows, the focus is on ensuring the models and fashion are able to be seen. You can add additional elements for fun and also incorporate lighting as visual cues for the models’ choreography


Draw the right attention to your exhibition stand, including pop ups, with some imaginative lighting and audio visuals. We can help you stand out from your competitors with a stand that pings.