Live Multitrack Recording

Specialist Live Multitrack Recording

High quality multitrack audio mobile recording options that can turn any space into a temporary studio, because sometimes there is nothing quite like capturing those, “you should have been there!” moments.

Live Multitrack recording unlocks the greatest potential for high quality capture and reproduction of all forms of live audio. All channels used are recorded simultaneously and independently pulled together to create seamlessly superior quality recordings.

Ideal for live band services including professional music video creation and promo videos.

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We offer everything from equipment hire through to a fully managed sound and vision service with dedicated sound engineer.

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Capture every moment of your festivals performances for prosperity with live multitrack recording. Our specialist technicians will simultaneously record all elements of your artists performances to produce a recording that will transport the listener to the festival environment! 

Whether your big day is here or abroad, we can record all of the important elements of your wedding. We’ll make sure the recording of your big day will be crystal clear for you to enjoy again and again, share with friends and family and and relive every word spoken or sang.

As performers and dedicated music lovers we are completely in our element when working our magic recording live concerts. Ensuring your recording is of the highest quality capturing all elements of your performance accurately is all in a day’s work.

Sound Hire for Event Planners

We provide the highest quality multitrack recording for large scale events. Event planners can rely on us to cover every eventuality to consistently ensure your speeches, presentations and performances are all accurately recorded for prosperity.

Our highly qualified sound engineers will ensure your conferences and events are recorded accurately. You have the assurance that reliable and professional, specialist technicians will guarantee your live multitrack recordings are of outstanding sound quality.

Recording live sound in theatres is a specialist skill and environment that we have a great deal of experience in… “Oh no you don’t!” …”Oh yes we do!” Our highly skilled engineers have every base covered to ensure every element of your performances are recorded accurately.

Album Launches

Some of the typically smaller and minimum venues can limit how many people can enjoy the experience of your album launch. Recording the event will increase the audience and reach of your new music.

Film Set Recording

We can provide industry standard audio recordings from your set; be it a short video, low budget independent movie, TV series or feature length production, we can ensure clear dialogue and audio.

Music Videos

Multi-track recording offers an all in one portable studio that is idea for recording bands, studio sessions, or mixing and mastering audio files for your video. We bring the equipment, you bring the songs.


Capturing anything you wish, from the vows and speeches, to a video guest book, you can count on us to ensure you get the quality recordings required to create beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

Corporate Events

We can record anything from podcasts, audio books, training manuals, lectures, meetings, training courses, networking events and conferences. Our skilled engineers have all the expertise you require.


We are proud to offer live multi-track recording direct from the festival stage. Post production marketing and promotion of the event wouldn’t be complete without the audio to compliment it perfectly.

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